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shisui is honestly the most charming butt in the universe god


I wanted you guys to know that I recently donated a lot of my things from middle/high school to a local church, including an Akatsuki cloak I used for Itachi cosplays. So when I dropped them off, a middle aged woman who manages donations picked it up and was all, “OH THIS IS COOL” and the prOCEEDED TO TRY IT ON AND SPUN AROUND LIKE, “THIS. I LIKE THIS. THIS IS SO AWESOME.”

Meanwhile I’m there like

I didn’t tell her it was an evil/terrorist organization.

Now I know that middle aged women like Akatsuki cloaks.


madara’s hair is just about the worst decision i’ve ever made, do not recommend DON’T DO IT EVER
after this is sasuke and that’s it, all these hip thrusting uchihas are killing me OTL OTL OTL
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Forever and always.

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